Samaneh Hosseini Ph.D.

Department of Stem Cells and Developmental Biology

Assistant professor

Phone:+98 2123562512


Samaneh Hosseini received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and, Master of Science in Biophysics. She received her PhD in Nanobiotechnology from Tarbiat Modares University where she worked on the design of a natural peptide motif sequence to promote biomineralization and hard tissue regeneration. She joined Prof. Hojatollah Vali’s Lab at McGill University and she got adapted with the nanoscale visualization techniques (TEM, SEM, Cryo-TEM and AFM) for studying biomineralization and nanocrystal formation. She has developed great interest on biomimetics, nanostructures and delivery systems for tissue regeneration. She performed her Post-doctoral fellowship on cell-based tissue engineering for hard tissue regeneration in bone and cartilage group at Royan Institute where she currently is an Assistant Professor.

The development of novel tissue constructs for the efficient tissue regeneration is the overall objective of our research group. We employ nanobiotechnology, biomimetics and engineering techniques to improve cell-substrate interactions for enhanced biological activity. The current challenge in our group is to be able to accurately control delivery of bioactive molecules for stem cell differentiation and therapy. The development of nanobiosensors that can rapidly diagnose diseases is another ongoing research projects in our group. Accordingly, some of the research topics include:

  • Biomineralization
  • Biomimetic peptides
  • Targeted cell & drug delivery
  • Cell-cell and cell-biomaterial interactions.
  • 3D printing
    • Fabrication of 3D and 2D biocompatible scaffold for tissue engineering, particularly hard tissues such as bone, cartilage, teeth, disk
  • Nanobiomaterials

Niloofar Kalantari, MSC Student

Sara Farahi, PhD Student

Amin Ebrahimi, PhD Student

Selected Publications:

Journal Papers:

  • Hosseini S, Naderi-Manesh H, Vali H, Baghaban Eslaminejad MR, Sayahpour FA, Faghihi S. Contribution of osteocalcin mimetic peptide enhances osteogenic activity and extracellular matrix mineralization of human osteoblast-like cells, Colloid and Surface B. 2018, 173: 662-671.
  • Jahangir Sh, Hosseini S, Sayahpour FA, Mostafaei F, Baghaban Eslaminejad MR. 3D-porous β-tricalcium phosphate–alginate–gelatin scaffold with DMOG delivery promotes angiogenesis and bone formation in rat calvarial defects, Material Science; Material in Medicine, 2018, 30(1):1.
  • Oryan A, Baghaban Eslaminejad M, Kamali A, Hossieni S, Moshiri A, Baharvand H. Mesenchymal stem cell seeded onto tissue-engineered osteoinductive scaffolds enhance the healing process of critical-sized radial bone defects in rat. Cell and Tissue Research, 374(1): 63-81.
  • Oryan A, Baghaban Eslaminejad MR, Kamali A, Hosseini S, Sayahpour FA, Baharvand H, Synergistic effect of strontium, bioactive glass and nano-hydroxyapatite promotes bone regeneration of critical-sized radial bone defects, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B,2018.
  • Taghiyar L, Hosseini S, Safari F, Bagheri F, Fani N, Stoddart M. J., Alini M, Baghaban Eslaminejad MR. New insight into functional limb regeneration: A to Z approaches, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 2018, 12(9): 1925-1943.
  • Taghiyar L, Hesaraki M, Sayahpour FA, Satarian L, Hosseini S, Aghdami N, Baghaban Eslaminejad MR, Msh homeobox 1 (Msx1)- and Msx2-overexpressing bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells resemble blastema cells and enhance regeneration in mice, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2017, 292(25):10520-10533
  • Hosseini S, Naderi-Manesh H, Vali H, Faghihi S. Improved surface bioactivity of stainless steel substrates using osteocalcin mimetic peptide. Material chemistry and physics, 2014, 143: 1364-1371.
  • Hosseini S, Naderi-Manesh H, Mountassif D, Cerruti M, Vali H, Faghihi S. C-terminal amidation of an osteocalcin-derived peptide promotes hydroxyapatite crystallization. Journal of biological chemistry, 2013, 288: 7885-7893.


Chapter Books:

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