Massoud Vosough MD. Ph.D.

Department of Stem Cells and Developmental Biology

Associate professor

Head of Regenerative Medicine Department



Phone: +98 21 23562512

CV: Massoud Vosough CV

We are interested in efficient differentiation of hiPSCs toward hepatocyte-like cells in large-scale, and using hiPSC-derived hepatocytes for regenerative medicine and drug assays.

Moreover, we propose that generating a liver organoid approach from hiPSCs or primary human hepatocytes (PHHs). We aim to improve the maturity of hiPSC-derived hepatocytes, also maintenance of PHHs using co-culture these cells with supportive cells in addition by liver-specific ECM-microparticles. These models will allow us to produce platforms for drug testing.

Furthermore, we are interested in using tissue engineering approaches to achieve regeneration medicine and in toxicological studies. This subgroup seeking to employ engineering tools in hepatic research for these purposes:
i. To engineer cardiac patches for repairing the injured liver
ii. To achieve engineered liver structures using hydrogel-drived from liver specific-ECM
iii. To construct a microfluidic device for medical applications
We are taking the advantage of 3D cultures using supportive cells and ECM hydrogel. Currently, in collaboration with experts in tissue engineering, we aim to establish a liver microfluidic platform. This approach will allow us to produce a platform for drug testing and toxicological studies.

Another area we are focusing is to use new therapeutics approaches to treat liver cancer. For radionuclide therapy of HCC, we aim to use hydrogel formula as a novel, inexpensive and safer form of Re-188 Lipiodol. Another aim of this subgroup is differentiation therapy for HCC using a natural compound, linoleic acid.

MSc student:

Zohreh Mirlavasani

PhD student:

Mehdi Alikhani

Samieh Asadian

Zahra Heydari

Ensieh Zahmatkesh

Selected Publications:

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