Hamed Daemi Ph.D.

Department of Cell Engineering

Assistant professor

Email: h.daemi@royaninstitute.org

Phone: +98 21 23562512

CV:Hamed Daemi CV 2017

Hamed Daemi is a member of Cell Engineering group since 2013 and now, the head of Tissue Engineering group. He got his BSc degree in pure chemistry from Tehran University in 2010. After that, he moved to Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute and received his MSc and PhD degrees in Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Engineering under supervision of Prof. Mehdi Barikani in 2012 and 2016, respectively. He focused on development of polymeric bio-based elastomers and green polymeric catalysts, and found new generation of alginate-based, and polyurethane-based catalysts to be used for catalysis of both small molecules and macromolecules reactions. Furthermore, he synthesized novel supramolecular elastomers and hydrogels appropriate for tissue engineering. Now, he is interested to develop skin, cartilage and cardiovascular engineered tissues using smart both natural and synthetic polymers.

Engineering of skin, cartilage and cardiovascular tissues
Supramolecular smart hydrogels using polysaccharides
Development of new polymers for smart drug delivery
Commercialization of smart polymeric wound dressings and skin substitutes
Synthesis of green polyurethanes
Smart polymeric catalysts

MSc Students:

Hasan Karimi

Maryam Zare

Maryam Asadi

PhD Students:

Payam Baei

Maryam Sahraro

Selected Publications:

  1. Mechanical reinforcement of Gellan gum polyelectrolyte hydrogels by cationic polyurethane soft nanoparticles. M Sahraro, M Barikani, H Daemi, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2018.
  2. Alginic acid: A mild and renewable bifunctional heterogeneous biopolymeric organocatalyst for efficient and facile synthesis of polyhydroquinolines. MG Dekamin, Z Karimi, Z Latifidoost, S Ilkhanizadeh, H Daemi, …, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2017.
  3. Chemical crosslinking of biopolymeric scaffolds: Current knowledge and future directions of crosslinked engineered bone scaffolds. A Oryan, A Kamali, A Moshiri, H Baharvand, H Daemi, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2017.
  4. MicroparticleMediated Delivery of BMP4 for Generation of MeiosisCompetent Germ Cells from Embryonic Stem Cells, F Esfandiari, MK Ashtiani, M SharifiTabar, M Saber, H Daemi, …, Macromolecular Bioscience, 2017.
  5. Transition-metal-free synthesis of supramolecular ionic alginate-based polyurethanes. H Daemi, M Barikani, H Sardon, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2017.
  6. Seaweed makes super-tough biomaterial, Hamed Daemi, Sareh Rajabi-Zeleti, Haritz Sardon, Mehdi Barikani, …, Materials Today, 2016.
  7. A Robust Super-Tough Biodegradable Elastomer Engineered by Supramolecular Ionic Interactions. Hamed Daemi, Sareh Rajabi-Zeleti, Haritz Sardon, Mehdi Barikani, …, Biomaterials, 2016.
  8. Polyurethane nanomicelles: a novel eco-friendly and efficient polymeric ionic solvent for the Cannizzaro reaction. H Daemi, M Barikani, M Jahani, New Journal of Chemistry, 2016.
  9. Molecular engineering of manipulated alginate-based polyurethanes, H Daemi, M Barikani, Carbohydrate Polymers, 2014.
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  12. A simple approach for morphology tailoring of alginate particles by manipulation ionic nature of polyurethanes. H Daemi, M Barikani, M Barmar, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2014.
  13. Future Progresses of Polyacetylene Based Conductive Polyurethanes, H Daemi, M Barikani, IRANIAN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 2014.
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  15. Alginic acid: a highly efficient renewable and heterogeneous bio-polymeric catalyst for one-pot synthesis of the Hantzsch 1,4-dihydropyridines, MG Dekamin, S Ilkhanizadeh, Z Latifidoost, H Daemi, Z Karimi, RSC Advances, 2014.
  16. Catalytic activity of aqueous cationic polyurethane dispersions: A novel feature of polyurethanes. H Daemi, RR Rad, M Barikani, M Adib, Applied Catalysis A: General, 2013.
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  18. Variations in Calcium and Alginate Ions Concentration in Relation to the Properties of Calcium Alginate Nanoparticles. H Daemi, M Barikani, M Barmar, Science and Technology, 2013.
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  20. Synthesis and characterization of calcium alginate nanoparticles, sodium homopolymannuronate salt and its calcium nanoparticles. H Daemi, M Barikani, Scientia Iranica, 2012.