Ensiyeh Hajizadeh-SaffarMD Ph.D.

Department of Regenerative Medicine

Associate professor

Email: hajizadeh.ehs@gmail.com

Phone:+98 21 22339942

CV: Ensiyeh Hajizadeh-Saffar-CV

Dr. Ensiyeh Hajizadeh-Saffar is the chief responsible of Royan ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product) development initiative. She is M.D. and Ph.D. of Medical Biotechnology, now as assistant professor at Department of Regenerative Medicine and director of Applied Cell Sciences PhD program. She joined Royan Institute in 2010, working on her thesis on co-transplantation of VEGF-expressing ESC derived mesenchymal stem cells and pancreatic islets in diabetic nude mice. She has conducted two clinical trials in the field of cell therapy for type I diabetes, after her training period in the University of California San Francisco in 2015. She has been selected as young investigator in the IPITA/JDRF/HSCI leaders meeting in Boston, 2016, and also in the Pasteur Institute of Iran research festival, 2015. Development of cell and tissue based commercial products and providing draft of local regulatory guidelines for cell and tissue based products, is her other experiences.

A)    Type I Diabetes;

Diabetes cell therapy clinical trials (Human islet transplantation, Mesenchymal Stem Cell transplantation) , Diabetes translational research begins from rodent pancreatic islet processing, modification and transplantation, going forward to human islet isolation and processing, Immunotherapy methods for tolerance induction, Immunoisolation of islets, MSC exosomes.

B)    Cell and tissue based products;

Design of GMP facility for cell and tissue based products, Industrial large scale cell manufacturing, cell line development and bioprocessing, Quality management, Quality assurance and control, regulatory guidelines

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