Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad Ph.D.

Department of Stem Cells and Developmental Biology



Phone: +98 2122339928

CV: My CV (Eslaminejad)

Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad earned his PhD in Anatomical Science from Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran. As a visiting scholar, he was trained in stem cell biology for a period of 6 months at Riken, Kobe, Japan in 2004. Then, he founded the Royan Adult Stem Cell Lab and started his researches on mesenchymal stem cells as a potent tool in cell therapy for orthopedic diseases especially bone and cartilage defects. He has supervised numerous investigations in basic sciences, preclinical and some clinical trials related to regenerative medicine. Furthermore, in early years of stem cell research initiation in Iran, he played a significant role of spreading the research culture among the Iran students as well as the scholars by giving speech/presentation at multiple major universities in Iran. Currently, Dr Eslaminejad is the director of adult stem cell Lab and the head of Bone and Cartilage group in Royan Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Technology.
Dr Eslaminejad has published over 400 journal papers and conference abstracts, about 25 international book chapters ( by Elsevier, Nova, Springer nature, john Wiley and etc.) and an international book entitled “Cartilage: from Biology to Biofabrication” (by Springer nature). He has also wrote three national books and hold several national patents. He has given numerous invited talks in congresses.
Dr Eslaminejad has been appreciated with several major national and international awards in recognition of his achievements. In year 2006, he has been won the research prize in the seventh Royan International Research Award for Reproductive Biomedicine and Stem Cell researches (Tehran, Iran). In year 2007, he has been praised as the Distinguished Researcher in the research award held in Tehran Province (Iran). In year 2009, the Razi Medicine Festival has selected Dr Eslaminejad as the winner in the Novel Technologies section (Tehran, Iran). In year 2010, he has been selected as the Excellent Researcher in the National Festival for Commemorating Distinguished Researchers (Tehran, Iran). In year 2015 he has been awarded for the exemplary scientist and staff of the year 2015 by ACECR (The Academic Center for Education Culture and Research, Iran). For two years in a row (2018 and 2019), Dr. Eslaminejad has been included in the list of scientific leaders of Iran and praised. In year 2020, the Springer Nature has selected one of his chapter books titled ‘3D Printing in Dentistry’ as one of 2020 highlighted research. He is currently the editorial board member of several international journals.

The main goal of his research team is to find methods of utilizing mesenchymal stem cells to treat bone defects such as fractures, lack of bone alignment and healing untreatable cartilage defects such as arthritis and rheumatism. Current research topics in this team include:
– Basic research done on mesenchymal stem cells
– Obtaining mesenchymal stem cells from various sources, such as fat tissue, dental sources, blood and other tissues in order to find the best human source
– Tissue engineering done on bone and cartilage tissues using mesenchymal stem cells
– Experimental studies to restore bone and cartilage tissues in defective animal models
– Basic research done on dental stem cells
– Regenerating dental tissue and jaw bone using stem cells obtained from teeth and bone marrow

MSc Students:

Mahsa Ghorbaninazhad (MS.c. student)

Maryam Hossein Zadeh (MS.c. student)

Razieh Kafi (MS.c. student)

Maliheh Khademi Shirvan (MS.c. student)

Masoumeh Hashemi (MS.c. student)

Mohammad Zaer (MS.c. student)

PhD Students:

Fatemeh Javanmard (Ph.D student)

Seyed Amir Kamali (Ph.D student)

Arefeh Basiri (Ph.D student)

Nesa Fani (Ph.D student)

Davoud Nasrabadi (Ph.D student)

Sima Bordbar (Ph.D student)

Maryam Dehghan Nayeri (Ph.D student)

Shahrbanoo Jahangir (Ph.D student)

Behnosh Tayebi (Ph.D student)

Fatemeh Khodabandehlou (Ph.D student)

Nahid Nasiri (Ph.D student)

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